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Clean Header



WordPress comes with tons of unwanted stuff in the <head> tag. By default, WeCodeArt Framework allows that bloat for WordPress.org themes repository reasons, however you can disable that by updating “clean” key to a truthy value. You can do that by creating a config file in your child skin – it should return an array.

The “app.php” file must be created inside a “config” folder, eg: “config/app.php” (in child theme root). In this config file you can toggle various core theme features. See this file for available list.

Example config.

By default, enabling Clean header will remove the following:

  • WP Version
  • RSD link
  • Feed Links
  • wlwmanifest link
  • Index rel link
  • Parent post link
  • Start post link
  • Adjacent post link
  • REST link
  • WP shortlink
  • Oembed links
  • Emoji detection script
  • Emoji styles

The list above can be filtered via this filter.

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