v4.0.1 – Release


  • WeCodeArt\Functions with functions from previous WeCodeArt\Utilities\Helpers
  • Action: 'wecodeart/setup/before' and 'wecodeart/setup/after' – Runs before setting the theme and loading the files
  • Filter: 'wecodeart/conditional/get/before' to add conditionals before setup them on main theme


  • Breaking change: WeCodeArt\Utilities\Markup to WeCodeArt\Markup
  • Breaking change: WeCodeArt\Utilities\Helpers to WeCodeArt\Functions
  • WooCommerce Conditionals to new API.
  • Conditionals bound to new $theme key: ‘conditionals’ and refactored to new folder



  • WeCodeArt\Utilities\Helpers
  • WeCodeArt\Utilities\Callbacks
  • WeCodeArt\Support\WooCoomerce\Callbacks

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