v3.9.0.+ – Release


  • WeCodeArt\Core\Search class for building WP Search Form and passing all markup trough Markup API;
  • SVG Folders icons
  • Support on Author Box for Yoast SEO User Social Profiles
  • Media extra args to output any custom media by ID
  • WeCodeArt\Core\Hooks\search_form – wecodeart/filter/search_form/args
  • SVG::add_icon() method for adding icons to store
  • Added ‘Configuration’ functionality to the theme which will enable more awesome features
  • Add theme support for meta modules – accepts array of keys with the same name as meta modules keys


  • Default button class changed to btn-dark
  • Improved base design
  • github version -> npm packages
  • Notification.js enqueue minified/unminified version if WP_DEBUG
  • Comments allowed tags HTML – Added tooltip functionality
  • NPM setup – see Github Repo
  • Maintenance cleanup and NPM Updates (on Github)
  • Removed icons sprite and added PHP generated icons
  • Post Categories will now use Yoast Primary’s category and if is used, icon will change to single folder
  • WeCodeArt\Customizer\Config to abastract class and required register function
  • WeCodeArt\Core\Hooks\search_form to use the new WeCodeArt\Core\Search
  • WeCodeArt\Core\Hooks\search_form defaults filter moved to WeCodeArt\Core\Search
  • WeCodeArt\Core\Search – wecodeart/filter/search_form/defaults simplified keys
  • Renamed WordPressSeo class to WPSeo
  • Comment Form fields wrappers passed trough Markup API, fully customizable now
  • WooCommerce pass cart module through markup wrapp/template API
  • Code refactor for some of the remaining 3.9.5 update templates (meta/post)
  • Customizer: removed some unnecessary options
  • Public post types service hook
  • Admin use Scripts Base for enqueue CSS (auto handle and asset path)


  • Assets enqueue with defined ‘WP_DEBUG’ (added missing quotes)
  • Removed comments submit default class key – interfering with filter
  • Assets enqueue with defined ‘WP_DEBUG’ (added missing quotes)
  • Fixed Category Icon
  • Issue with Customizer footer sidebar registration


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