v3.8.0.+ – Release


  • wp_body_open() function hook;
  • WeCodeArt::layout() method and changed ‘wecodeart()’ function to use this method
  • Support Class for ANR Captcha plugin.
  • Admin Notification system class for handling Notifications.
  • Passed author ID and $defaults for Meta method filter
  • Basic Widgets styleing in SCSS.
  • Core\Content->skip_link() method for Accessibility and hooked into wp_body_open hook.
  • Customizer Config Class added static method to add customizer configurations. ( Config::add() with an array of controls )


  • Translation escaping across some files
  • wecodeart/filter/gutenberg/wide_or_full_content to wecodeart/filter/gutenberg/auto_layout
  • Comments submit input to button.
  • Archive intro titles escape translated text
  • Meta::author() filter passing $args (filtered) instead of $defaults arguments.
  • Yoast Integration – added ‘breadcrumb’ ID for schema markup
  • Yoast Breadcrumbs – removed additional unnecessary function check
  • Yoast Breadcrumbs – simplified wrappers and moved all wrappers into filterable Markup::wrap()
  • Escaping translation function in some classes
  • Entry Meta filters pass default args
  • Customizer small fixed/updates
  • ntry Meta Comments link function
  • Autoloader now supports PSR4 Class naming (while still support old naming until v4). Non Breaking Change – unless theme core is modified.
  • Comments Walker escaping for awaiting moderation text
  • Gulp/Webpack assets output to minified/unminified ( setup not in WP Version of the theme )
  • Comments inputs bootstrap form classes
  • Markup::input() – Added Bootstrap custom inputs and support validation/help text ( todo -> add file input )
  • Bumped minimum PHP Version to 5.6.2 and WP Version to 5.0
  • Passed $comment into comments hooks (top/bottom).
  • ANR reCaptcha support – removed extra wrapper and added .form-group class to parrent wrapper (comments)
  • Archive labels
  • Scripts loading with WP_DEBUG. If true it will load unminified file, else the minified asset


  • Customizer empty setting for old 404 page
  • Admin class notification non printable characters
  • Display Comments Headline when Comments are closed but CPT has comments
  • Added wp_body_open() missing hook. (supposed to be added from v3.8.1)
  • Walker fallback ( screen reader class. old function fix )
  • Content Context for Markup::wrap()
  • Customizer Options notification typo
  • Translation function calls must NOT contain PHP variables – on markup::wrap()
  • Notification.js script path
  • Customizer Divider Control css path
  • CPT Customizer options and frontend bug with custom slugs for CPT


  • Old structured data class
  • Author box classes

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