v3.6.1 – Release


  • .flex-nowrap for content .row wrapper
  • .col-12 for comment form fields
  • Callbacks::_is_post_archive() for checking if on default post archive ( including search and home )
  • Gutenberg / wecodeart_gutenberg_is_wide_or_full() to check for wide/full CPTs
  • Gutenberg / wecodeart_gutenberg_wide_or_full_content() if sidebar should be disabled on singular CPTs
  • Gutenberg / Filter: wecodeart/filter/gutenberg/wide_or_full_content with `true’ by default
  • Gutenberg / .gutenberg-full-wide body class on Gutenberg posts with full or wide blocks


  • Read More button on archives, added screen reader text and arria hidden for double arrow symbol
  • sanitize_html_class for numberic pagination classes / removed empty space from classnames string
  • Bootstrap Latest v4.3
  • WeCodeArt/Autoloader() can now be instantiated with custom namespace and root directory for child themes autoloading
  • ‘archive-wrappers’ to ‘archive-intro-wrappers’ context for Archive Intro Wrappers


  • Entry Meta Modules customizer active callback for Archives
  • Entry Meta Modules output for search page
  • Content/Sidebar Mobile Responsive classes
  • Entry/Meta::get_options() for archives
  • ‘has-sidebar’ body class for each context (blog/page/cpt archive or singular) and sanitize class array before return;
  • Customizer Preview JS
  • Entry Meta modules defaults to empty to reflect the case if all customizer entry meta modules are disabled
  • Markup::wrap() function dynamic context key for self::generate_attr()


  • Nothing

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