v3.6.0.+ – Release


  • Basic CSS styles for various elements to beautify the started theme a beautify
  • Default values for customizer Post type (singular/archive) for Entry Meta / Container / Modules
  • Default values for customizer Modules/Container for Product Archive/Singular
  • Custom CPT Meta modules with customizer options ( context: archive/single )
  • Filter wecodeart/filter/entry/prev_next_nav/enabled and CPT support for Single CPT prev/next navigation
  • Filter function to disable Prev/Next navigation on pages


  • Encapsulated default JS into a self executing function
  • CSS was split into multiple smaller files
  • Sidebar/Footers Widget title wrapper class
  • Content::get_contextual_options() function – get_post_types args and removed defaults per post type (added in customizer)
  • Yoast’s Breadcrumbs Bootstrap Spacing class removed in favor of custom css
  • Multiple changes in markup to use Bootstrap Classes
  • ‘wecodeart/filter/header-bar/modules’ to ‘wecodeart/filter/header_bar/modules’


  • minor fix with customizer config class
  • minor fix in minified file with Bootstrap dependency popper.js
  • Fatal error when no “customizer” options are set for blog meta on post (and other CPT) for archive page type;
  • Primary Menu – Added Fallback code fixes
  • Author Box posts URL
  • Entry Meta – Author url on frontend and placeholder text for ajax refresh on WP customizer


  • Yoast’s Breadcrumbs Contextual options (single/archive wrapper) since we use the same naming in WOO Customizer settins as well

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